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At Tecnocratica we have created partnerships with leading IT companies to provide essential solutions to our clients, in what forms an add-on service to that already established. These partnerships provide our clients with the opportunity to have the best possible solutions for their needs and the latest and best technological developments. The close working relationship we have with our technology partners provides us with a far-reaching resource pool and expert knowledge, allowing us to provide the most efficient, high-quality service to our clients. This is reflected in the continuous development that we oversee with our customers, encouraging and proposing constant innovation while integrating the best technology. Channeled through our team of expert technocrats, we become the perfect service provider for medium and large-sized firms.

These are some of the major companies that make up our technology platform:
Global Switch
operates nine data centres in key connectivity hubs across Europe and Asia-Pacific, providing around 290,000 square metres of state of the art technical space. It the biggest Global Neutral Data Centre company in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.
Open Stack
is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing project started by Rackspace Cloud and NASA in 2010. Currently more than 150 companies have joined the project including AMD, Intel, Canonical, SUSE Linux, Red Hat, Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM and Yahoo! It is open source, released under the terms of the Apache License.
Cisco Systems
is a multinational American corporation. They design, manufacture and sell Internet Protocol-based networking (What? Services or products? You have to include it here) and other products related to the communication and information technology industry. Furthermore they provide services associated with these products and their use.
A global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation is a premier provider of end-to-end green computing solutions for Enterprise IT, Datacenter, Cloud Computing, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide.
RTS storage systems and software deliver outstanding performance, scalability, density and reliability at lowest cost, based on the RTS LIO Unified Target (incl. iSCSI, Fibre Channel, FCoE,InfiniBand, etc.), which has become the new SAN standard in Linux.
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