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Data Centre

A highly security Data Center, with CCTV surveillance and 24/7 on-site security staff
Private areas ensure you can build fitting your exact IT infrastructure company requirements
Power Supply
The power infrastructure is designed to ensure robust resilience with "no break" IT power
We are experts in creating resilient environments that maximise cooling efficiency for your IT
Our service features a managed and controlled space, offering a unlimited number of carrier options, storage, telecommunications equipment and application servers. You will access your servers in a fully certified
TIER III Plus Data Centre.
services in the Data Centre
We offer multipoint connectivity with multiple global providers, allowing you to get the best prices for high quality bandwidth for your network.
Our team of highly trained engineers are committed to respond your needs. Rest assured that you will be provided with an unrivalled, exceptional service. We actively work to respond your needs and all the typical daily IT processes of modern-day firms.
Network Architecture
Is a game-changing point of development, enabling you to access new technologies and applications in your network and reducing your OPEX by up to 20% depending on the infrastructure.
Be confident and feel safe knowing your servers are maintained in a data centre with all security and redundancy measures in place preventing your systems from experiencing any physical damage.
First-class service thanks to the most advanced systems available in our Tier III Plus Smart Data Centre. We measure all sensitive data in order to have total control and access to every detail anytime 24/7.
Cloud Computing
We deliver you the power of the Cloud, providing compute power for your sites and apps. You will get the robust performance of a traditional server, plus the on-demand flexibility of our Cloud Services. Forget about everything else.
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